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Mishmash (Firefox, Gmail, Start-Up Digest)

Crazy exam #1 down; only 3 to go before I head out to India on Friday. I’ll post a bit about my upcoming trip tomorrow- I’ll be spending 9 days in Mumbai with 7 other Darden students, working to improve efficiency in a plant owned by Danaher. It’s going to be a seriously badass trip. In the meantime, thought I’d catch up on a few things I’ve been using this week that you might find fun:

  • Firefox: I’m a big fan of Firefox browsing. I admit I haven’t tried Google Chrome yet, but to be honest, it’s because I don’t want to leave my easy peasy world of Mozilla. The browser is intuitive and fast, and very protective (sometimes a bit too much so but you can change those settings). The add-ons aren’t bad, either. I just downloaded FastestFox to improve browsing, and it does cool things like preload multiple pages of Google search results, so as you scroll towards the bottom of the page, the next page of search results appears below, with a page break (think of it like a Word doc). There’s a Grab and Drag button you can add-on as well, that allows you to use Adobe like drag on most pages. So all in all, liking 3.6 and the download speeds; liking the general (but perhaps a little vanilla) add-ons.
  • Gmail: Yes, I know you use gmail. I know everyone does. This post is for the new or lazy users who don’t know about the cool experimental stuff. Click on”settings” in the right corner of your Gmail page; now click on Labs in the main yellow gmail bar. This brings you to the “experimental” add-on section of Google, where you can try beta versions of new applications. They’re fun to play around with- try the ones below to get started:
  1. “Send & Archive” which lets you archive a whole conversation at the same time you send it-which helps keep your inbox from getting cluttered.
  2. “Undo Send” which gives you just a few seconds to stop something from sending when you make a mistake
  3. “Google Docs Gadgets” which lets you click on your most accessed google docs through a sidebar in gmail (instead of opening up a new page)
  4. Old Snakey: My favorite one- you remember the old game Snake? The one you used to play in MS-DOS? I know you can find it other places, but it’s fun just to see it while checking your email and think, eh, hell, I’ve got 20 minutes to spare!

That’s all, folks.