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Find 30mins and watch this now. Do it.

If you have time to do one thing for yourself tonight, watch “Lemonade.”

It’s only 30 mins long, but it is so pertinent, so on-target right now, and so right for this moment, that I think everyone could take something away from it. Maybe you’ve heard of it- I just did today (via Seth Godin’s Blog), but don’t wait to watch it.

The tag-line is “It’s not a pink slip; it’s a blank page.” A 37-year old copywriter got laid off from a large ad agency and started a blog for other unemployed ad professionals. After it launched, they created this promotional video for the blog featuring the faces and stories of other laid-off execs. I’ll admit some of the “lemon” visuals up front are a little tedious and bang-me-over-the-head-with-your-subtlety, but give it 10 minutes to really get going- once you get to the stories, to the real people opening and sharing stories about their lay-offs, it is absolutely spellbinding.

The stories told by those who were laid off are very moving and at times profound, because each of them was able to discover something they had lost- and they only discovered it by being laid off. Cliched or not, failure is a fear- a limiting fear. Jerry Colonna writes a cool blog called “The Monster in Your Head” – he had a nice post about those fears. When they were laid off, each of these people were able to discover something they had lost because their fear; their fear of mortgage payments, their fear of ridicule; their fear of failure. This movie is so good because each of these people, when faced with that fear, found the way to something they love.

Obviously a lot of this is easy to say because I’m 28 – I don’t have a  mortgage (yet :)). But I’m not saying people should quit their jobs and start a company, “bills be dammed!” I just happen to agree with what one of the speakers said in the movie about finding more time and more ways to integrate the things you love to do into your life. And if you can monetize that and make a living doing it….well, all the more power to you.

It’s amazing to think that, out of the 29MM or so businesses in the US, 21MM of those were self-motivated and without employees-like those in the film. That’s pretty incredible.