Tired is Stupid

I’m writing this on my phone, from LGA, after a very tiring week- personally, professionally, physically.

And what this week has drummed home more than ever before is that, for me, Tired is Stupid.

I don’t need a ton of sleep to function, but when you reach certain levels of tired, no matter how used to little rest you are, you’re not going to be as sharp. Your brain literally doesn’t work as well- I don’t care how cool you are and how much coffee you drink- your brain stopped working already.

This is when it’s hardest to put the phone/computer down, because it’s probably when you’re busiest- that’s why you’re exhausted! But this is also when you’re probably going to think things through the least, present things most poorly, come off badly or make a critical mistake.

I spent 5 minutes asking myself after just sending an email… “Wait, did I sound like an ass? Because I totally didn’t mean to! I’m totally not in a bad mood or upset! I’m just tired!”

When you get to the point where you don’t even understand your own email tone, it’s time to put work down and pick up a book or watch a movie. So that’s what I’m going to do.

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