Atlas Shrugged

On the long flights and layovers to and from Vegas this weekend, I re-read Atlas Shrugged. It was nearly 10 years since I had previously read it, and I thought it was time to revisit. Thoughts are still swirling a bit, and I’d like to re-read Fountainhead again before fully posting on this, but my view of Atlas was dramatically changed since that last read.

Obviously I’m older, but more importantly, my perspective was completely different- rather than coming at it as an english major (which I was last time), I came at it from an MBA perspective this time and found it significantly more compelling and profound. While I still don’t agree a lot of Objectivism philosophy, I do strongly align with the central precept that a person’s mind is his/her own- and that no one has, or can claim authority to, another’s mind.

It was a good book to read right now, as I’m starting to define what my career might be. I’ll post more on this another time.

In other news, cool new iPhone app I’m trying out: Siri- voice driven personal assistant.

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  1. I kind of disagree, but I do see your point.


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